Maintenance/Custodial Work Request

Maintenance/Custodial Work Request Form Instructions

Begin by filling out all required fields on the Maintenance/Custodial Work Request form. These fields may include your name, department, contact information, and the specific location where maintenance or custodial work is needed.

Describe the nature of the request in detail. Provide as much information as possible, such as the type of maintenance needed (e.g., plumbing, electrical, HVAC) or custodial tasks required (e.g., cleaning, waste disposal).

If applicable, specify any urgent or time-sensitive aspects of the request. This will help prioritize tasks and ensure a swift response when necessary.

Once the form is complete, verify all entered information for accuracy. Double-check contact details and the description of the issue to avoid delays in processing.

Submit the filled-out Maintenance/Custodial Work Request form to Vice President Brian Harris for routing. You may deliver the form through the designated submission channels provided by TCAT Crump, such as email or physical submission to the appropriate office.

After submission, allow some time for the request to be processed and assigned to the relevant maintenance or custodial staff. You may receive confirmation of receipt, and updates on the progress of the request will be communicated accordingly.

Thank you for your attention to detail in completing the Maintenance/Custodial Work Request form. Your cooperation helps ensure a safe and well-maintained environment at TCAT Crump.