Whats my S Number ???

The use of the "S number" is to have a non-personal Identifiable information (PII) identifier to use within the TCAT school system. It is a private identifier that points to use as the student. While attending TCAT, knowing this identifier is vital to ensure you maintain access to various resources and products provided to you by the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR). It is also the best place to see Financial Aide information regarding grants, scholarships and various fees. TCAT Crump will send out periodic information regarding various events and will personally contact you by way of your school email. It is imperative for you as the student to stay informed by using your school email. Students are also given a student ID that will place this identifier on it. 


your school email will consist of two parts:

S# (identifier)  + @tbr.edu

For example:

Timmy Smith could have an S number of


For first time set up of your S number account please click the link below:

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to use your cell phone to link for recovery of access for your student account.



The TBR Helpdesk is a great resource for you to regain access to your student account.

TBR Helpdesk

Phone: 615-366-4444
Email: servicedesk@tbr.edu

Support Hours: M-F 7:00 am - 4:30 pm Central



If you do not remember your student identifier, please take the steps below:

Step 1: Look at your Student ID provided to you by the Campus. Remember that the whole identifier includes your student email and the "@tbr.edu"

e.g.  S11111111@tbr.edu


Step 2:  Contact your instructor for information on your student identifier (S#).


Step 3: Contact TCAT Crump Front office at (731) 632-3393.