Student Handbook

Attendance Policy

A. The nature of the programs at the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology is such that it is necessary for every student to attend regularly. Excessive interruptions due to absences will have an adverse effect on student progress.

1. A full-time student enrolled for a full term (432 hours) and that has been absent for more than 5.5% (24 hours) of the scheduled hours enrolled, will receive written communication alerting the student to the number of hours remaining prior to suspension. Available community and institutional resources will be shared to assist students with attendance issues. The number of hours of absence triggering notification must be prorated for all part-time students and full-time students enrolled for less than a full term.

2. When a full-time student enrolls for a full term (432 hours) and has absences exceeding 9.7% (42 hours) of the scheduled hours enrolled, that student will be suspended. A student suspended for attendance may appeal the suspension in writing to the president (or their designee) within three (3) days of receiving notification of the suspension. A student appealing suspension of attendance may remain in class until the suspension has been reviewed. The number of hours triggering suspension must be prorated for all part-time and full-time students enrolled for less than a full term.

3. A student is considered tardy if not in the classroom at the designated time for class to start. Students arriving late to school will be charged for absences due to tardiness as follows: 

  1. 1 to 15 minutes will be counted as .25 of an hour
  2. 16-30 minutes will be counted as .50 of an hour
  3. 31-45 will be counted as .75 of an hour
  4. 46-60 will be counted as one hour
  5. Multiple tardies will result in the following discipline:

a. Five (5) tardies: Student will be given a written warning by instructor.

b. Six (6) tardies: Student will be placed on probation by the president or the president's designee.

c. Seven (7) tardies: Student will be referred to the president (or their designee) and may be suspended.

4. An attendance record for each student shall be maintained in the student information system.

B. When a student misses three (3) consecutive days without contacting the college, that student may be presumed to have withdrawn from the college.




Make-Up Hours

Make-up hours are not permitted except as a reasonable accommodation permitted pursuant to procedures applicable in specific situations, e.g. pregnant students, or certain documented disabilities.

Exempt Absences

Students who are members of the Reserve or National Guard and who are required to serve two weeks active duty each year will be permitted to do so. In such cases, the student will be granted leave for the period of active duty. VA certifications for such students will be adjusted accordingly. These students should advise the school of their military schedule at the beginning of the term their active duty tour is scheduled. The student must provide the College with a copy of the official orders.

A student will be excused from classes for jury duty; however, a copy of the summons must be provided to the College as well as an excuse for each day from the court clerk.

Reporting Absences

All absences and tardiness are recorded in banner by the program instructor (or designee). Students should communicate with their instructor on the day(s) they cannot attend class and the reason for the absence. Students leaving class without authorization will be counted absent and may result in disciplinary action. False information pertaining to reasons for absences will be grounds for discipline.